Vision, Mision and Goals


To become a leading Faculty of Law, which produces qualified, moral, professional graduates and has a competitive advantage, both at the national and international levels.


  1. Organizing legal education and research based on the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI) and the National Standard for Higher Education (SN Dikti) which emphasizes problem-solving by the development trend of national and international law.
  2. Improving the quality of the teaching and learning process through the construction of facilities, infrastructure, educational facilities, career coaching, and improving the welfare of lecturers and employees.
  3. Involving lecturers and students in scientific activities and community service with problem-solving by legal development at the national and international levels by their competencies.
  4. Build a network of cooperation to increase competitiveness with government agencies, private parties, and Non-Governmental Organizations.


  1. Producing graduates who have learning outcomes and competitiveness in the field of law by the development of national and international law.
  2. Maximizing the results of the transfer of knowledge in the teaching and learning process.
  3. Improving the ability, skills, and thinking insights of the academic community to solve legal problems both at the national and international levels, to realize USU's vision to become a university that has academic excellence as a barometer of scientific progress that can compete at the global world level.
  4. Maximizing the role of lecturers and students in research activities, as an effort to develop legal science in Indonesian society and the Global community.

Increasing the participation of the academic community in community service activities, so that the existence of the USU Faculty of Law can be felt by the Indonesian people in general, especially the people of North Sumatra