strategy and goals


The strategy for achieving the goals that will be described below is based on the USU Faculty of Law Strategic Plan which has been adjusted to the Faculty's leadership period (2016-2021) and the work plan guidelines in the USU RJP document 2015-2039.


  1. Producing graduates who can compete at the national and international levels and by the demands of the world of work.
  2. Increasing the professionalism and quality of performance of educators and education staff as well as the realization of a good work climate.
  3. Increased motivation to learn for students and the realization of a conducive academic culture.
  4. Increasing quality and facilities as well as the use of literature and laboratories supported by the latest information technology.
  5. Increasing writing of scientific papers, and research results meet national and international standards and community service activities.
  6. Increased cooperation established by the faculty with institutions at home and abroad in quantity and quality for the development of study programs.